Frequently asked questions

How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to your account under “Prices & Plans Registration”, click cancel.

Where can I find the tutorial videos for the TT Blackbox?

The tutorial videos can be found on the right side of the website if viewing the desktop version.

If viewing the mobile version, the tutorial videos will be located at the bottom of your screen.

Why do I not see the entire TT Blackbox element when using a mobile device?

Try turning your mobile device sideways to see the entire element.  For the best experience please view the TT Blackbox on a desktop to see all 4 of it’s features at once.

Will the TT Blackbox work for me if I am in another country?

Yes!  The TT Blackbox is 100% web-based and will work as long as you have an internet connection. 

How do I use the alerts that the TT Blackbox gives out?

The tutorial videos will explain how the alerts are used.

Will the TT Blackbox trade for me?

No!  You will need to place your own trades.

How much money do I need to trade with while using the TT Blackbox?

That will vary differently for each trader based on their financial situation.  

When should I enter for a swing trade?

It’s always best to wait until the end of day before placing a swing trade.  This will allow you to see how the daily chart for your potential trades performed during that trading period.

Does the TT Blackbox alert for Options or for Shares?

The TT Blackbox alerts for directions for the tickers that meet it’s parameters.  The choice is yours if you want to trade it with shares or options.

How does the TT Blackbox work?

The TT Blackbox are ran by multiple algorithms that calculate the data that it receives.  These algorithms alert for both day and swing trades to help traders find the setups that will give them the best opportunities. 

What is the difference between day & swing trades? 

Day trades are shorter term trades that are entered & exited in the same day.  Swing trades are entered on a day, and then exited during a time frame beyond the day that trade was placed.

When should I take profits or cut losses?

We’re not financial advisors and cannot give that advice!  It’s always best practice to take profits when you have them, and to cut losses as soon as possible.   

Will the TT Blackbox help me with earnings trades?

Absolutely not!  There is nothing that can accurately predict the outcome for earnings. 

Why is my TT Blackbox is showing a black screen on my device?

If you’re getting a black screen on the TT Blackbox it’s due to the settings on your device/browser.

If you put your device in incognito or private browsing mode, it will work.

Here is also a link for Chrome that explains how to fix their flash issues. It’s near the same for the Safari browser.

If you have any issues please let us know by contacting us at

How do I understand what the Options Activity means on the TT Blackbox? 

This article from the TT Blog explains it in the most simplistic way.