Transparent Traders Mentorship & Black Box

Transparent Traders exists to solve the critical issues facing our traders, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help traders facilitate change, achieve their vision, and optimize performance.

Please checkout our Mentorship Program and our powerful Black Box that does all the work when finding our trades.  Also, keep in mind that we have a 40 video FREE course.  We highly recommend you start there first as you learn how to successfully trade.

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Mentorship Program

  • On average 116 hours a month of live stream during market hours.  

  • Learning my methods and psychology for how I trade, and why I'm taking a trade.

  • My insight on how I see a trade setting up and taking place before it happens, not hindsight.

  • Watching my live trades from entries to exits.  Being able to see all gains and losses.

  • Q&A sessions throughout the trading day.

  • Looking at potential swing trades during the last hour for the trading day.

* Those who were first time clients for the Tradenet packages and who used my affiliate link to signup will receive 2 months of the mentorship program.

** The standard monthly price for the mentorship program is $200.  Certain months will be less if I'm not trading on certain days due to planned events.  The dates that I won't be trading are noted in the order form within the mentorship month below in the "Upcoming Events" section.  Look in the order form for "more info" and you will find the dates there.

Black Box

Time is money and opportunity, let us save you time and give you the best opportunities that happen in the market.

Most of you have seen my trades and profits.  How about having multiple algorithms that I've coded into the Black Box to eliminate your search for these trades and speed up your research so you can decide what to trade to increase your chances for success?


Though nothing will ever be 100% for sure since the market changes by the second.  Our Black Box's accuracy is FAR GREATER than ALL of the other black boxes on the market.  Our Black Box doesn't search for any low floats, which put you at a greater risk for drastic moves against you in the market.  Our Black Box finds quality stock tickers to trade.  Our Black Box is great for those who trade large caps and/or option traders.

Our Black Box finds both day and swing trades.  The Transparent Traders Black Box is actually the only one on the market that specifies if it's a Bullish or Bearish trade for both day and swing trades.

Release Date: TBD