What is Blackbox Trading within the Stock Market?

What is Blackbox trading?

Blackbox trading within the stock market is a computer-based trading system for individual investors that uses a set of fixed, proprietary rules to generate alerts based on bullish and bearish signals. This coupled with the proper due diligence gives individual investors the needed edge to become more successful in day/swing trading. Black box systems are named for the secrecy surrounding the methodology employed in the analysis.

The TT Blackbox is a form of algorithmic trading. Algorithmic Trading is a method of automated pre-programmed trading instructions accounting for variables such as time, price, volume, and more. This type of trading was developed to make use of the speed and data processing advantages that computers have over human traders.

The exact specifications of a black-box trading system are typically shrouded in secrecy. Lines of intricate programming code define operations governed by specific trading rules and guidelines. In short, each system is unique, proprietary and protected from public scrutiny.

Signal Generation is a key point to the Blackbox system. Signal Generation is created by a set of analytical parameters, the black-box scans a selected market or markets for trading opportunities. Upon the defined criteria being met, a market entry signal or “alert” is created.

How have Transparent Traders entered into the Blackbox World?

Transparent Traders created the first-ever solution that specifically alerts for swing trades. It will also alert for bullish & bearish day trades. Our Blackbox runs off of multiple algorithms and uses predictive A.I. to locate the most accurate day or swing trades that it calculates to give the best chance for success. Couple this with proper Due Diligence and our users are given the edge needed to be more successful in the trading world.



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The Transparent Traders Blackbox 💸 Amazingly simple! "The TT Blackbox" runs off of multitude of custom coded algorithms and uses predictive A.I. to detect the most accurate day or swing trades that it calculates to give the best chance for success.

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