TT Blackbox Swing Trade Alerts – $DGAZ & $DDOG

Simply the best algorithms! We give a 7-Day free trial because we feel confident with our results. Our subscribers can attest to this, with many who make WAY more in profits during the free trial than it would cost to subscribe for an entire year!

What’s included?

Our Proprietary algorithms that alert on your web browser for day & swing trades, and will categorize it as “Bullish” or “Bearish”

I trade live with my members usually two days a week to teach/show how to best use the TT Blackbox (this is just a courtesy and dependent on my schedule).

A chatroom only for subscribers for the TT Blackbox (at the bottom of the TT Blackbox page).
Option Activity- see the trades that Wall Street takes.

Benzinga Breaking News.

“Why is it moving- catalyst” a one-sentence headline that explains the catalyst for that ticker.

You won’t find algorithms better than ours!

No BS personal alerts!
We provide the best value, no one can compete with us on this!

The choice is yours whenever you’re ready —> Join TT Blackbox 

Transparent Traders created the first-ever solution that specifically alerts for swing trades. It will also alert for bullish & bearish day trades. Our Blackbox runs off of multiple algorithms and uses predictive A.I. to locate the most accurate day or swing trades that it calculates to give the best chance for success. Couple this with proper Due Diligence and our users are given the edge needed to be more successful in the trading world.

DGAZ was alerted as a Bullish Swing Trade from the TT Blackbox on 5/04/2020.  Entry: 184.90

DDOG was alerted as a Bearish Swing Trade from the TT Blackbox on 5/04/2020.  Entry:  45.90

For all of you wanting to know how I decide to enter and exit my trades, I have listed those key points below:

  • I have created a watchlist of the tickers I like to trade the most. Download my watchlist right “HERE”
  • I review that watchlist against the alerts from the TT Blackbox each 5-minute interval.
  • I focus on the $VIX. This measures volatility in the market. If volatility is moving up, the market is moving down, and vise versa. This simply means I start here and does not mean I will not trade against the market.  However, I do not recommend that for the novice trader.
  • Once I know the direction of the market, I start to focus on the tickers moving in that direction.
  • Once these tickers alert on the TT Blackbox, I typically wait till the closure of the next 5-minute candle and I enter.
  • I then immediately set a limit sell order for 5%.  Keep in mind I am trading shares in the price range of $30-$400 tickers so 5% is big money.
  • I exit my trades based on two points.  One, being the TT Blackbox stops alerting or alerts in the opposite direction, and two being my 5% target has been met.

Here is a screenshot of the tickers I watch daily:

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The Transparent Traders Blackbox 💸 Amazingly simple! "The TT Blackbox" runs off of a multitude of custom-coded algorithms and uses predictive A.I. to detect the most accurate day or swing trades that it calculates to give the best chance for success. - Jonathon Walker, COO of Transparent Traders

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