TT Blackbox Swing Alerts via Jonathon Walker’s Eyes

TT Blackbox Swing Alerts via Jonathon Walker’s Eyes: Simply the best algorithms! We give a 7-Day free trial because we feel confident with our results. Our subscribers can attest to this, with many who make WAY more in profits during the free trial than it would cost to subscribe for an entire year!

* Our Proprietary algorithms that alert on your web browser for day & swing trades, and will categorize it as “Bullish” or “Bearish

What do I look for when selecting the swing trade alerts I will trade?

  1. Earnings – I am looking to verify that the stock does not have earnings within 2 weeks of the alert.  I am also looking to see if the stock has recently had earnings it was more than 7 days ago. I look at this because I do not want my swing trade to be impacted by traders trying to play the earnings.  Meaning I “DO NOT” want to be in the middle of traders scaling into, or out of positions causing an uptick in unusual volume.
  2. Volume – I verify the stock trades an average of 1,000,000 shares per day.

What is a Swing Trade?

Typically, swing trading involves holding a position either long or short for more than one trading session, but usually not longer than several weeks or a couple of months. This is a general time frame, as some trades may last longer than a couple of months, yet the trader may still consider them swing trades. Swing trades can also occur during a trading session, though this is a fairly rare outcome that is brought about by extremely volatile conditions.

The goal of swing trading is to capture a chunk of a potential price move. While some traders seek out volatile stocks with lots of movement, others may prefer more sedate stocks. In either case, swing trading is the process of identifying where an asset’s price is likely to move next, entering a position, and then capturing a chunk of the profit if that move materializes.
Successful swing traders are only looking to capture a chunk of the expected price move, and then move on to the next opportunity.

Let’s look at the TT Blackbox Swing Trade Alerts from 3/24/2020

Swing Alerts 3/24/2020

Bearish Swing Alert ARW – Alerted at $51.80, hit LOD on 3/25/2020 at $49.12.  Hit the bottom at $48.59 on 3/30/2020.

Bearish Swing Alert MIDD – Alerted at $47.50, closed on 4/3/2020 at $50.68. 3 days left for the full 2-week range.  We will count this one as a loss for now.

Bearish Swing Alert VAC – Alerted at $52.95, and hit LOD on 3/25/2020 od $47.17

Bearish Swing Alert AEM – Alerted at $43.25, and hit LOD on 3/26/2020 of $38.97

Bearish Swing Alert – EA – Alerted at $93.81, and hit LOD on 3/25/2020 of $89.78.

Bullish Swing Alert CRUS – Alerted at $59.35, hit a HOD on 3/25/2020 at $63.84, and then another HOD on 3/27/2020 at $65.99

Bullish Swing Alert DGX – Alerted at $77.15, hit HOD on 3/25/26 of $80.93. Additionally hit HOD of $91.49 on 3/26/2020.

Bullish Swing Alert FE – Alerted at $35.20, hit HOD at $39.08 on 3/26/2020.

Bearish Swing Alert CRUS – Alerted $59.35, and hit LOD on 3/25/2020 of $58.98.

The Swing Trade Alerts for 3/24/2020 currently have a 90% win ratio.  This could change to 100% if $MIDD comes around on Monday or Tuesday, which is on a solid downtrend now.

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